Professional Website Design Solutions

In today’s society the internet is key way to market to individuals about your goods and services. Every day the internet is growing, it is said that only about 55% of all small business currently have websites. I talk to business owners every day that have been in business for 10 or more years and still feel there is no need for the internet in the way they do business. They are still relying on print advertising and Radio to bring in new customers. That is a way to advertise and I will tell you that if someone hears your name on the radio or sees your name in print, when they do go to look you up where do they go? Yes of course the Internet. Now what if the customer cannot find you or your phone number in the first minute or two. What do you think they are seeing while they are looking for you? Of course your competitors.

You may find out without a strong internet presence, you may not be getting the full benefit of your advertising.

When developing your brand you have to focus on your customer and what you want your customer to do on your site. So your web page needs to answer these questions: 

  1. Has to be clear on your topic?
  2. Why they came to the website?
  3. How did you get them to the site?
  4. Was it easy to find what they are looking for?
  5. Did we educate them on your product or service? (what makes your product better)
  6. Was there a clear path to Actionable? (did they call, did they buy)
  7. Did you ask for their information? (important for email marketing)
  8. The list goes on…..


Your website needs to do all these things and more. These are some of the basics

Think of it like this, since every customer is judging your business or by your website. If you had to go for an interview would you rather go to an interview in pair of jeans and t-shirt or are you more likely to get the job in a suit.  Websites is your online business card, what do you want to it to say about your business? (websites can be built at home by most school-age children) is that what you want to entrust the success of your business. Using a professional website design service is key to developing a customer from shopper to online buyer. Web sites can help with converting that lead into long-term customer. People rely on websites to not only validate businesses, But also provides helpful information about that industry of that business.

How the search engine plays in.

Today’s websites have to be responsive to many different formats that it will be viewed on Mac, PC , Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge/internet explorer and Safari the list goes on. Recent information released by Google suggests that almost half of all searches on the web are done on handheld devices. With that many searches they stated that they will not review or rank a website that does not have a responsive format or is mobile friendly. There is more items including to even how long your domain is registered. Your web designer keeps tracks of all this information that is needed to be built on the site.

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