Maximize your investment with smart, reliable solutions for your unique needs.

Technology is often overwhelming when it’s not your area of expertise; that’s why you need professionals to provide your business with the services and solutions you need to meet goals and achieve success.

Compupartners knows that running a non-profit organization means working within tight resource constraints; our team has experience with the operational practices and applications that you’re dependent on, and we offer solutions customized for your individual needs.

Get in touch with the IT professionals at CompuPartners to discuss the best tools and solutions for non-profits. Contact our team at or (480) 535-4000.

Our team of experts manages your entire IT infrastructure, ensuring that you have the protection, uptime and optimal performance that you require. CompuPartners covers all of your IT needs, so you stay focused on the important work you do.

  • We provide a complete assessment of your current operations and use that information to offer solutions and tools geared to your individual needs.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance guarantee that your business continues to run smoothly and effectively. Our HelpDesk services also ensure that you’re never left alone to deal with technology issues.
  • Comprehensive security practices that include penetration testing, content filtering, and other managed security solutions offer a proactive approach to keeping you safe.
  • Rather than simply reacting to issues, our team gets you prepared so that nothing cripples your productivity or threatens your work.
  • Data backups and business continuity solutions provide peace of mind knowing that your livelihood is protected no matter what type of disaster hits.

Don’t settle for generic services and unreliable support; for the best return on your IT investment, contact CompuPartners. Get in touch with us at (480) 535-4000 or